Étienne was born in France. He lived at Port-Royal where he was a ploughman (laboureur), which should be understood as farmer. Little is known of him as he refused to speak to the priest conducting the 1671 census and he had died by the next census which was taken in 1686. His sons lived at Port-Royal, acquired some influence, and thrived under British rule, but experienced the expulsion of 1755 nonetheless. My Robichaud ancestors are said to have walked from the New England colonies, through the forests of Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia to return to Port-Royal. Many were lost en route. Eventually, they would settle in the new Acadian community of la Baie Sainte Maire where my family still lives.

When searching for information on the Robichaud family name, different name variations are often seen: Robachot, Robichau, Robichault, Robichaut, Robichaux, Robicheau, Robicheaud, Robicheaux, Robichot, Robuchau, Robuchaux, Robucho, Robicho.